Carbon Counting at Queensway House

We are currently working on Queensway House, providing structural and civil engineering to repurpose a derelict 1970s office building into the main hub for the Mary Ward Centre, an adult education charity.

The building is approximately 60% too small to cater for Mary Ward’s needs. We looked at various options including demolishing the existing structure and constructing a new steel frame, or strengthening the existing concrete frame and adding storeys.

As designers we know the most sustainable option is likely to be based on retrofirst principles, but we undertook a carbon count of the various options for confirmation.

We have justified the reuse of the three and four-storey frame and foundations, with only minimal strengthening works required for the addition of two-storeys to provide the required extra space – as shown in the photo.

This solution offers significant savings in cost and programme, and 40% reduction in embodied carbon when compared to a demolition and new build approach.

Works are currently underway on site, due for completion mid-2022.

Team: Mike Davies, Alison Wallis, Chris Croft

Project: Queensway House, Stratford, London

Images: SD Structures