CLD Mixed Use Development – Block B


CLD Mixed Use Development – Block B

Proposed 25,000m2 mixed use development in Camberwell, Southwark set over 3 phases: Block A – building a hotel/ residential over the existing shopping centre; Block B – new build residential and Cinema over existing supermarket; Block C – 12 storey RC new build residential tower.

Block B – Phase 2 of the project involved creating 100 new residential units adjacent to the Morrison retail unit with new Cinema complex located above the store. We were asked to explore the feasibility for the retail unit to remain in operation through the construction works. The capacity of the existing structure was found to be inadequate to support the new loads from the Cinema above, therefore the existing internal foundations and columns are to be upgraded. This can be carried out in a careful sequence and night working to cause minimal disruption to the retail unit. SD have developed an outline construction methodology and construction sequence video to demonstrate this to the stakeholders.

You can take a look at our preliminary video here showing an outline scheme for an option of building over the store:

For details of all the proposed blocks at Camberwell, click here: Camberwell Lanes Development

Phase 2 - £26m
Area / Size (SQM)
John McAslan & Partners