Goods Way Music Venue

Goodsway, Kings Cross, London

Goods Way Music Venue

Goods Way is a new 1,750 sqm entertainment space and live 600 capacity music venue in the heart of the vibrant Kings Cross development in London, which opened in March 2020. The project is the brainchild of Ben Lovett, from Mumford and Son’s and is his latest music venue in the capital dedicated to giving opportunities to new talent in the music industry.

The team transformed the a large double basement shell of an existing building and created 15 new floor levels to effectively double the usable area and create five distinct zones; ‘The Courtyard’ entrance with five food kiosks and a bar, ‘Lafayette’ music venue, ‘Sweetwater’ bars, ‘Nola’s’ private lounge and large back of house areas, enabling the smooth function of both the live music and hospitality.

Although the proposed structure, existing shell’s geometry, and level changes are complex, SD designed a a steel frame structure through close coordination with the design team using 3D BIM models, spotting and resolving the challenges of building within the confines of the existing basement.

A light but stiff steel frame has been designed to create the new floors and raked viewing gallery. This provide maximum flexibility without overloading the existing structure. Given the nature of the venue, the project has been heavily driven by acoustic and vibration constraints, requiring advanced analysis, careful coordination with specialists and isolating connection detailing.

The Project won Build Architecture Awards ‘Best Completed Entertainment & Hospitality Venue’.

Lovett Enterprise
Studio AGELI