Raised 5-a-side Football Pitch


Raised 5-a-side Football Pitch

As part of a flood alleviation scheme at Woking Park, the project consisted the construction of four five a side 3G pitches above an existing car park.  access to the football pitch was granted via a new through trough trussed bridge interfacing with the existing leisure centre.

The structure was constructed using composite steel beams, and precast hollowcore planks.  To eliminate steel tonnages, traditional horizontal steel ties were ommited in the long direction, instead detailing connections to transfer shear through primary beams into the reinforced concrete topping.

Extensive thermal expansion of the large plan structure was accommodated through detailing of the foundation structure and modification of the stiffness of the bracing elements to relieve ‘locked in stress’.   Due to the potential cyclical loading of the structure, dynamic modal footfall analysis was undertaken, ensuring sufficient damping was introduced to prevent harmonic excitation.

*This project was undertaken whilst at a previous practice with significant involvement from a Director at SD Structures.